Adila Pašalić Kreso

/Adila Pašalić Kreso

Adila Pašalić-Kreso Ph.D., is a professor of Comparative and International Education at the University of Sarajevo. She specializes in intercultural and family education, which she researches both in her country of origin and cross-culturally. She completed her studies and training in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Paris, Michigan and Ohio and subsequently worked as an education consultant for the OECD. Prof. Kreso was one of the first in BiH to write on the inequality of children and students in the educational system. She has been a guest lecturer at many universities throughout Europe and the USA. She was the president of the Organizational Committee for the XIII World Congress of Comparative Educators in Sarajevo, held from 3-7 September 2007. From 2008 Prof. Kreso is member and Vice President of Academy of Science and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.